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Is 2 weeks old baby too old for newborn photos?

Are  2 Weeks Old Babies Too Old for Newborn Photos?

Are  2 Weeks Old Babies Too Old for Newborn Photos?

Soon to become a parent and planning for your baby’s photoshoot? Know that there is an optimum time for such a shoot to do. We talked to some of the best photographers in Sydney and got the verdict that the best time for a newborn photoshoot is within the first 14 days after the baby’s birth. You can even have such shoots for a baby as small as 10 days. However, if, as several families, you have just started to look for a photographer when your baby is a little older than 2 weeks, know that there are still options available. This article is for all such parents wishing to have a photoshoot for their baby a little bit older than 2 weeks. 

Why may some families miss the first 2 weeks of a baby for photography?

There are various reasons why some families would have missed that 2-weeks window:

  • They spent more time in the hospital since the mom or the baby needed some additional post-birth care.
  • They had premature baby birth, which caused an extended stay at the hospital.
  • The photographer was not available on time or the session was postponed due to any emergency.
  • Parents couldn’t plan or arrange the shoot before their baby was born, due to a shortage of time or a hectic schedule. 

Why are the first 2 weeks important?

The 2-weeks are preferred, not a mandatory time frame for a newborn photoshoot. Usually, babies under 2 weeks are less responsive and asleep for a long period. They enjoy being in a fetal position while sleeping, which makes them comfortable during various newborn photo poses. 

Babies older than 2 weeks usually become more responsible, remain awake for a longer period, stretch out, uncurl and grow larger. Hence, it is likely that they would not be able to make some poses and would remain awake throughout the shoot. 

Therefore, some photographers prefer photographing newborns within the first two weeks. It means parents have a higher chance to get the kinds of photographs presented in the portfolio.

Is there any difference in photoshoots after 2 weeks?

The photoshoot with a baby aged between 2 and 3 weeks is usually longer than those under 2 weeks since older babies are more alert and remain awake for a long time.  Also, some babies might not be comfortable in newborn photography poses. 

Furthermore, it might not be possible for the photographer to have all the poses they generally have with younger babies. You can go for the photographers who offer a different type of shoot for older babies, where they emphasize the poses that are more suitable for the less flexible and more alert babies.

How can you still have the best shot?

Despite all this, the good news is that most babies still sleep better until 3 weeks and skilled photographers know how to get success with babies up to 5 weeks old.

 So, the families should not stress too much.

If your baby is of more than 2 weeks, you can use the following options for the best shoot:

  • Go for a lifestyle newborn photoshoot:

Lifestyle photoshoots for newborns are usually done at home and focused on the baby in their new environment and associations with their family. Since such shoots don’t have much posing, many photographers provide lifestyle newborn photography sessions for up to eight weeks after birth.


  • Have a shoot with 6 to 9 months old baby

Babies of 6 months or more are more settled, keep heads steady, can smile, and engage in the shoot. This is a perfect time for photographing babies and is quite popular with families who miss a chance for a newborn photoshoot.


Here is a newborn baby session from a few weeks ago. This cute bubba was 6 weeks fresh and not very sleepy. The photos are not exactly as a 2-week newborn shoot, but they are still cute and you won’t regret having them taken.


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